How to Become Self Educated

How to Become Self Educated

Though it's often touted as the best and only way to succeed in the modern world, college and structured education systems aren't for everyone. Sometimes, a person needs something with a little more freedom and customized lessons to really suit their educational needs. That's why more and more people are wondering how to become self educated. Though, like anything worth attaining, it isn't easy, it's not as impossible or lackluster an option as many believe. There's a good chance it's right for you!

Read, Read, Read!


This is something that you've likely been told by educators your entire life, and it remains true here:  Reading is a great way to improve your knowledge and to educate yourself. Learning from a book is the classic way of being educated, and for good reason:  It works. Not to mention that it can be low-cost or even free. Simply choose what you want to learn about, and head to your local library.

Try Writing


This is another tip that is pulled straight from more traditional education methods, but for good reason:  Being able to write about a topic can help you determine how much you're understanding that topic, and where your weak points might be. Write about what is interesting you, and about what you have been studying. It can be anything from a short paragraph, to a page, to an essay, to a book. Whatever works for you, just get it on paper.

Develop a Hands-On Skill or Two


Just because it isn't being learned by reading doesn't mean that it isn't an education! Many people find that they learn the most when they're able to get their hands a bit dirty while doing it. Because of this, you may wish to learn a hands-on skill… or even more than one. These can include anything from painting to cooking to making jewelry. Once again, the limit is your imagination and what you feel comfortable doing.

Improve Your Grammar


Grammar is the foundation for almost everything to do with education. You might be very well educated, by yourself or someone else. But, if you don't have decent grammar skills, you'll come across as uneducated. Do yourself a favor, and brush up on your language skills. Not only will it help you sound like you know what you're talking about, it can actually make any further self education easier. You'll be able to write higher-quality pieces, and reading will come more naturally.

Always Practice


As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. And that adage is certainly true. Learning something is only half of the battle:  In order to truly be educated in it, you have to continuously work on it so that you stay proficient. Take the time to work on your writing, or to read about something you'd covered before. Practice your art skills, or try something new in the kitchen. Just put the time and effort into it and practice!

Self educating yourself isn't always an easy task. But, if you can push through the difficult parts and, using these tips, continue moving forward, you can prove that a formal education isn't required to be well-educated.

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