How to Become Valedictorian

Step by step
How to Become Valedictorian

Being a valedictorian is pretty cool. If you are named one, it basically implies you have worked your socks off to reach the highest heights of academic excellence out of all your peers in class. But that’s nothing.

One of the sweetest fruit you get to reap is by enrolling in the best colleges and universities, which in turn, boosts your chances of making a dream career out of your life. Becoming a valedictorian isn’t necessarily a one-way ticket to success. But it sure is a sign of students who have higher chances of becoming successful. Similarly, just because you are a valedictorian doesn’t automatically make you successful. What breeds success is the willingness to roll up your sleeves, get into the ditches and do the dirty work.

How? Here are tips on how to become valedictorian that will get you closer to the door.

Start Early

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Becoming your class’s valedictorian means hitting the ground running. Your GPA (Grade Point Average) which has a huge say in your standing is factored from the first through to the last year of your high school career. This means you have to come off the blocks strongly. If for some reason you didn’t start off well, that’s okay. But remember the longer you take, the harder it will be to achieve the status.

Pick the Right Balance of Classes

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Trying to achieve valedictorian status means you will be up against everyone in your grade level. Having easier classes means it will be easier to achieve the desired 4.0; and the harder the classes, the higher likelihood of missing out. Of course, you don’t want to take easy classes just so you become a valedictorian. It is not worth skimping on your education by taking easy or limiting classes that will not be worth much down the line. Always opt for moderate classes or classes that challenge you. Try to strike a balance.

The upside to this factor of challenging classes having an adverse effect on a good GPA score is that some AP classes have adjusted GPAs, with some having GPAs out of 5.0.

Put In The Work

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One thing most valedictorians have in common is that they put effort in their studies. They have their gaze firmly on the A’s, and everything else is secondary. Do the same. Cultivate studious habits. It might be a challenge at first, but as with all things, all it needs is some getting used to. Before you know it, it will be a second-nature habit!

The benefit of developing good study habits is that even if you miss out on the chance of becoming a valedictorian, these habits and skills will come in handy later in life, as you are bound to find out.

Bonus: Attend a Smaller School (or not)

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The good thing with attending a school with fewer students is that it affords you more chances of becoming your class’s valedictorian for the simple reason that the competition is minimal. Unfortunately, most high school students don’t have the luxury of choosing the school they would love to attend. And even if you did, most colleges inquire about the size of the school you attended. If it’s just made up of a handful of students, emerging as the valedictorian won’t mean much to them.

If you can cut it in a bigger school, the better for you. And the sweeter the victory.

Becoming a valedictorian is no doubt a wonderful achievement. But in your efforts to become one, avoid obsessing over it and neglecting other aspects of your life. Like health. And friends. Family. Co-curricular activities. As great as it must feel, being crowned valedictorian isn’t worth it much if you let your youth pass you in pursuit of the same.

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