How To Learn How To Sing

Step by step
How To Learn How To Sing

Singing is one of those things that we would all like to do however we are all scared of doing in the first place. Truth be told, we all have our own voices and we can all make our voices make sweet music one way or another, however, it takes a special person to actually harness his or her voice properly.

It's not the end of the world though, and with a bit of help and a few nudges in the right direction, you will be able to learn how to sing as well, just be ready to be very uncomfortable for a very long time. That being said, let's find out how to learn how to sing.

Try Singing And Record Yourself Doinig It

A woman singing into a microphone with a pair of headphones on

The first step on your journey to learn how to sing is to hear your own voice and how you sound like at the very beginning and don't worry, you're going to hate it. Try to not be too harsh on yourself, however, expect to be off key, out of sync and out of tune as well as in a completely different pitch level.

It will not be horrible, it will not be something that will make your ears bleed and give your neighbors nightmares, it will mostly be uncomfortable and strange, so make sure you use headphones and not a home entertainment system.

Learn The Notes And How To Sing Them

An old piece of sheet music

Once you've heard the sound of your own voice, you will have to start learning the actual notes that go into making music. The trick here is to practice a lot while learning each and every note as well as its position on the musical scale and how it sounds. This way, you will actually start training your vocal cords to deal with the pressure and actually deliver the sound that you are looking for.

Take Singing Lessons

A person writng on a piece of sheet music

Once you've learned the notes and have a good idea how to sing them individually, it is time to take actual singing lessons. The fact that you've already covered the basics will make things a lot easier for bot you and your instructor, meaning that you will be more than comfortable with the singing exercises and challenges that will be placed in front of you.

Practice With Every Opportunity

A man singing into a microphone

Practice is everything, especially when it comes to singing. Simply put, the more you do it and the longer you train, the better you will be at it, and a great way to go about this is to still record yourself while singing and then listen to yourself, figuring out what needs to be improved and what is already in peak condition.

Learning how to sing is not as easy as we all imagine it to be, and whether we like it or not, we will have to deal with quite a long period of sounding horrible until we start sounding melodic.

Make no mistake about it, you will go through a lot of embarrassment, you will have to face your fear of singing in public and you will have to put a lot of work and a lot of practice into making your voice sound the way you want it to sound. As long as you stand tall and true, dedicate yourself and let the embarrassment roll off your shoulders, you will learn how to sing.


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