How to Overcome Writer's Block

How to Overcome Writer's Block

It's the bane of many writers' lives, but something that most will experience:  Writer's block. Whether you're just working on an essay or report, or whether you're trying to finish a book you've been writing, writer's block is something that can rear its ugly head and completely ruin your chances at work. But how to overcome writer's block? It isn't always an easy task. However, with enough determination, you can kick writer's block to the curb.

Take a Walk


Sometimes, writer's block is caused by being stuck too long in one place. This can be either metaphorical or literal:  Being stuck in one place in your writing, or needing to leave the house for a bit to get some fresh air. Either way, the best way to move past this is to take a break and head for a walk. For even better results, go someplace where you can get a glimpse of the natural world; it helps take your mind off of your work.

Try a Prompt


So, you're having a tough time writing what you're currently working on. Why not try to write something else? If you ever find yourself absolutely stuck, changing the topic for a while might help to loosen things up and help you get back to writing! Find a writing prompt that you like, and write something. It doesn't matter if it's good, or if it's long. All that matters is that you write something and get the juices flowing again!

Change How You Write


Your writer's block might not spring from a lack of ideas. Sometimes, it comes from the way that you're writing. Staying in one style for too long can make things seem boring and repetitive, causing the block. If you feel that coming on, change how you're writing, if feasible. Go from first person to third person. Present a new side of the argument. If it fits, and it's different, give it a try!

Talk to Other Writers


Nobody understands writer's block quite like another writer. And, sometimes, you don't need a fix so much as you need someone to talk to. If you're feeling sort of stuck, get in contact with other writers. Talking through the hard parts might be exactly what you need to get going again. And, quite possibly, one might be able to give you the answer to the problem that you've been having with your writing!

Work Through It


Of course, there are times where nothing can really be done about writer's block; it's just there. If you feel like the muse just isn't coming, then don't wait for her. Sit down, pull out a pen (or a computer), and get to work. It might not be the best, but that's alright; revisions come later, after all. As long as you're getting something done, that's great! You're one step closer to kissing writer's block goodbye!

Writer's block is a nasty experience. It cuts down on what you can get done, saps your creativity, and can leave you feeling horrible about yourself as a writer. By following these tips, you're closer than ever to getting back on track and leaving writer's block behind you.

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