How to Teach Pre-School

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How to Teach Pre-School

Pre-School is an essential time in the life of a child. They are starting to count, write, read, and adding more words to their vocabulary every single day. As children learn about the world around them, they grow in connection with other children for the first time in their lives. If this process fascinates you, consider teaching Pre-School children. It is a valued position, where certification and training are needed to keep children safe and reaching for the stars.

Knowing the Routine

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One of the greatest things for a pre-school child is the fact that they have a routine. Routines are so important for their growth and development. A pre-school teacher needs to be well-established at keeping to a routine and not breaking from it to be consistent and disciplined.

Morning Schedule

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Mornings with pre-school children are full of greetings to help the children when their parents leave them for the day. This can be a very difficult part of the day if the children are new to school, but a good teacher can make this dramatic experience disappear. Story time and instruction can rule the morning.

Lunch Schedule

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While the children are munching down on yummy food, teachers are usually preparing for the afternoon activities and/or lessons. Also, some teachers may be responsible for watching the children as they are outside playing after lunch.

Afternoon Schedule

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This schedule usually starts with a nap. It is imperative for young children to get some sleep time each afternoon to recharge their batteries. Some children might be able to fall asleep immediate, but or others there is real difficultly. Teachers may need to correct behavior of mischievous students during this time as well. After nap time, there is usually project time, where a teacher oversees the excitement. 

After Work Schedule

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Some students may leave right after the afternoon session, but since a lot of parents work later, pre-schools are usually open to cater to the needs of a family. At this time of day, many teachers work to prepare the schedule for the next day of the week, while children have free tie. 

Worker Requirements

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For a lot of pre-schools, it is essential that you have a few credentials. This might include: a high school diploma, college education (associate or bachelor’s degree), CPR certification, etc. This is to keep teachers up-to-date on the best way to care for pre-schoolers.

Helpful Organizations

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Resources are so important when working as a pre-school teacher. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, so you can learn and grow as a teacher. Check out these organizations online for more great information on teaching pre-schoolers: Association for Early Learning Leaders (AELL) and the National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators (NAECTE).

Becoming a pre-school teacher is no small task, but with education and experience, parents will want to start bringing their child to you.

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