How to Teach Troubled Youths

How to Teach Troubled Youths

If you are a teacher, you can understand the frustration of having trouble students in your classroom. Even one student can change the mood of your class. It seems like everything that you try to do for that student will not work, too. But, do not give up hope on this student. You, too, can teach troubled youth. Usually, these types of students are the ones that need you the very most in the world.

Patience With Your Students


One of the hardest things to do is being patient when a student starts acting up. Students may still be disengages or reluctant to what you are trying to teach them, even if you think you have one of the best lessons of the year; but, know that it takes time to change a trouble student. You might never see the fruits of your labor, but it might spark a seed in your student’s life moving forward.

Building Relationships


When working with a troubled youth, you need to establish a relationship with this student. This is another thing that takes time because a student will not trust you off the bat, if you don’t get on their level about things. Be open minded to the possibilities of how your can teach this specific student, too.

Watch the Criticism


The trouble with struggling students is the fact they have been criticized most of their lives. As soon as you criticize them for what they have done, they will view you in the same light as all the other teachers in the world. You should still expect a lot from troubled students, so they do not walk all over you, but you still need to be sympathetic to their needs. If you see promise in a troubled student and tell them that, there may be hope for them yet when they hear it from you.

Giving Responsibility


Another way to help a troubled student is by giving them responsibility in the classroom. Give them a task that is worth while, and it will help them grow in the process. Maybe you need a student to collect homework every day or write the weekly theme on the board. This can empower a student to work with you in the classroom instead of working against you.

Extra Resources and Ideas


If you are still in need of help with a troubled student, ask a fellow teacher with loads of experience. They may be able to give you some advice with how they have handled the same student or other students in the past. Also, check out some ideas online from these two sites: www.irlen.com and www.dyslexiacure.com.

Teaching a troubled youth can be one of the biggest challenges when teaching in a school. Remember that these students come from troubled backgrounds, and your support could go a long, long way towards success.

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