How To Write a Literature Review

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How To Write a Literature Review

As a student, you will get a lot of reading assignments and literature will play a big role in your academic life, however, along with them, you will also get review assignments. That being said, you will need to put together a thorough and detailed review of the book or books that you have read and presented it in front of your peers in order to score a passing grade. This is a lot simpler said than done, and it requires quite a bit of time and effort to get done, so let's see how to write a literary review.

Read The Book Cover To Cover

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While this might sound easy at first glance, it is actually not, and simply reading the book that is assigned to you will not suffice. You will need to pay attention to all the details, the story arc, how the characters develop and a lot of details that will prove significant later on. A good thing to do here is to take notes while reading it and write a small summary that you can refer to while writing the actual paper.

Learn About The Book

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The next thing you will have to do is learn more about the book, but not the book as the story that it presents to you, but rather the book as a physical object. This is because books tend to have a large impact on society, so you will need to do a lot of research. Find out when the book came out, how the times were like back then, what impact the book had on society and the philosophy of the time, how popular or how notorious it was, and how it was ultimately appreciated as being.

Learn More About The Times

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One last thing that you will have to do is learn about the times depicted in the actual book so that you have a solid basis of reference for your report. All the stories that you read in the book take place in the past, whether it is the near past or as far back as hundreds and hundreds of years, so you will need to learn about how society was like back then. Try and find out how people were back then, how things worked, how society functioned, what was common and what was taboo, the different social classes and the restrictions and hardships that they had to deal with.

Write The Review

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Now it is time to stop learning and start writing the review based on all the information that you have gathered and the book that you've just read. Start off by talking about the book as a physical object, how popular it was, how it was appreciated and so on, then lay out a grand overview of how society was back in the times presented in the book and slowly center on the action at hand.

Once focused on the story, start talking about each individual character, the role that they play in the story and how they influence the outcome, different details, and symbols that you have found in the book, the story arc and how everything fits together, finishing it up with the impression that it left on you and how you would rate it.

In conclusion, writing a literature review is not really a difficult job, but rather an extensive research task that you will have to deal with in a reasonable amount of time. Make sure to pay close attention to the action and story depicted in the book as well as the world described in it, and as long as you do a lot of research on the side, learning about the book itself, the times that are depicted in it and weave them in nicely in your review, you will surely impress your peers.

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