How You Can Learn Sign Language

How You Can Learn Sign Language

Being able to communicate using sign language can be a valuable skill for many people. It can help forward us in our careers and it can be helpful for those of us who have the need to communicate with someone who is hearing impaired. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many resources available online and offline that are accessible to those looking to learn sign language. This article will review some of those resources as well as offering other valuable advice to those who wish to find out how to learn sign language.

Sign language is not easy to master. Although everybody learns at their own pace, mastering sign language can take some people up to year. Though the individual signs are easy to learn, the language comes with its own grammar and syntax that can make it more difficult to manage.

Online Resources

If you are looking to learn sign language there are many resources available. You may want to start by taking a class. Sign language classes may be available at libraries, community colleges, universities, churches and other community centers. There are also many online resources available for how to learn sign language. These include:

1. Youtube: One of the easiest ways to learn sign language is through You Tube tutorials. There are dozens of teachers on You Tube who offer free sign language lessons that teach numbers, letters, common phrases and more.

2. Web Sites: One only has to browse the internet to find a host of available sites which offer sign language instruction. These may include easy to follow video tutorials.

3. Apps: Now you can keep sign language lessons right in your back pocket by downloading apps on to your mobile device. These can offer immediate help and keep you refreshed if you are having trouble communicating.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once you begin getting used to learning sign language, you may want to start practicing by trying to communicate with other people who know sign language. Be aware that sign language may be challenging to master at first, so it may be necessary to have people sign several times before you grasp understanding. You should also be aware that sign language is a visual language. Because of this, it is easy to get confused due to body language or facial expressions that are being conveyed while signing.

Is Sign Language universal? 

Sign language is not a universal language. You will commonly hear the term ASL, which stands for American Sign Language. However, if you travel to another country, their sign language will be unique to their language and will require relearning, if necessary.

If you are having trouble remembering a word in sign language, you may want to spell it out. This is called ‘fingerspelling’. If you come across a word that has no sign, you may want to make one up.

Also, remember that speed should not be a factor in sign language. If a person requests that you repeat yourself, you may want to slow down to improve understanding. It’s better to slow down and be understood than trying to rush through communication and waste time with having to repeat yourself.

Sign language is a real way to communicate and has a beauty and grace of its own. It’s also a wonderful way to communicate with the hearing impaired. Sign language is not an easy language to master, but it is well worth the effort. Good luck with in your endeavors learning this wonderful language.

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